Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you enjoy your stay. 

I have always been around music in one form or another, from my early days strumming a guitar in the background at many a session in County Clare with my dad, to later being actually asked to sit and play with the musicians, this formed the basis of my love of music. Although Dad has since passed on, I carry that foundation with me. He was also one of the nine pipers known as "Píobairí an Chláir", and he was one of the founding members of the infamous Tulla Ceili Band. 
Although, as they say I was reared on traditional Irish music, I have always had a love of country music, whether it be Irish or American country, but the story doesn't end there. I started teaching guitar a number of years back and suddenly found myself having to learn all types of music, from the latest charts to pop, rock, new age and whatever songs my students would look for, it's true when they say, you never stop learning. Some of my students in their own rite, have gone on to be teachers, passing on my trade so to speak.

The name MAN IN BLACK in my instance has nothing to do with Johnny Cash nor do I do a Johnny Cash tribute show, although I do sing a few of his songs. I used to play in the Avenue Restaurant in the Four Seasons Hotel in Monaghan and because being a man of slightly large stature, I perspire a lot when I am playing (sweat for you ordinary folk). I always dressed in black and during a performance, some people came up to me who enjoyed my singing and playing, and after exchanging pleasantries and so forth they asked me what name I went under and when I said none, they suggested that I should call myself "The Man In Black". Now there is, and will always be, only one "The Man In Black", although never his stage name, that was Johnny Cash, R.I.P. So I started using the name Man In Black, and so the saga began.

I have one man to thank for encouraging me to venture out on my own and he is Kieran McKenna, who goes under the name "Tumble Weed". Kieran gave me great encouragement and gave me my first few gigs to get me started off. Kieran also has his own security company now, www.watchitsecurity.ie so whatever your security needs, he's your man.

From then on I went from strength to strength. I play everything from Irish Country, American Country to Pop, Rock, Folk and I even do disco, so whatever your needs, I'm sure that I have something to suit all tastes. 
I play mostly around Monaghan, Cavan, Louth, Armagh, Leitrim & Fermanagh. If you are around the Monaghan area you can catch up with me in Mickey's Mick's on some Thursday nites, the Four Seasons Hotel on an occasional Sunday night and the Hilgrove Hotel on Sunday for lunch in the restaurant. These are only a small number of venues that I play in. Now I'm not blowing any trumpet or anything like that, but when people ask you back you must be doing something right. You can check out a list of places that I have played, on another page.

I hope this has given you a small insight into what Man In Black is all about, I also do Champagne receptions for weddings with a group that I play with called Cam Ceól. We have also done several weddings in Castle Leslie in Glaslough, Co. Monaghan, didn't get to do Paul McCartney's (unfortunately we were booked up that day) but such are life's little disappointments. We did get to do a wedding for one of the lead performers from riverdance. I have also done CDs with a lovely singer called Martina Murray from Roslea and, a lady called Regina McMullen who now lives in the US.You can catch up on my current venues every month on my gig page.

So whatever your needs I'm sure I have something to suit all ages and circumstances, and promise a professional standard at all times